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Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act (P.L. 106-386)

Public Law 106-386

Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000

Prime Sponsor: Mr. Christopher H. Smith of New Jersey
Signed by the President October 28, 2000


Division A: Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000

  • Provides $95 million, over two years, for enforcement of anti-trafficking provisions and for new assistance programs.
  • Provide severe punishment--including up to life imprisonment--for persons convicted of operating trafficking enterprises within the U.S., and the possibility of severe economic penalties against traffickers located in other countries
  • Assists and protects victims, authorizes grants to shelters and rehabilitation programs, and provides provision for relief from deportation for victims who would face retribution or other hardship if removed from the United States.
  • Establishes initiatives to prevent trafficking by enhancing economic opportunities available to potential victims and by increasing public awareness of the dangers of trafficking
  • Provides annual reports on trafficking as part of the State Department Country Reports on Human Rights
  • Authorizes funding for activities to help foreign countries meet minimum anti-trafficking standards
  • Prohibits non-humanitarian U.S. assistance to foreign governments that tolerate or condone severe forms of trafficking, unless the prohibition is waived by the President
  • Establishes an Interagency Task Force to monitor and combat trafficking, which would facilitate and evaluate progress in trafficking prevention, victim assistance, and the prosecution of traffickers  

Division B: Violence Against Women Act of 2000

  • Provides $3.3 billion over five years, more than double the current program, to increase law enforcement and expand shelter space and rehab programs for battered and abused women, including the following:
  • Nearly $1 billion for grant programs aimed at beefing up the work of investigators and prosecutors tracking down domestic abusers (STOP program).
  • $875 million over five years to expand shelters for battered women and their children. This almost doubles the funding for current programs administered by the Dept. of Health from $101.5 million to $175 million per year to help communities provide shelter to battered women with increased funding to provide more shelter space
  • $200 million for the Domestic Violence and Child Abusers Enforcement Grants.
  • $200 million for new Legal Assistance for Victims program so women can obtain better access to better trained attorneys in the field of domestic violence.
  • $25 million for the Transitional Housing Assistance of Domestic Violence Victims
  • $140 million for Violent Crimes Against Women on Campus Grants
  • $60 million for Safe Havens for Children Pilot Program
  • $25 million to enhance Protection Program for Older and Disabled Women Victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
  • $77 million to re-authorize and boost the Victims of Child Abuse programs
  • $15 million to boost anti-Domestic Violence and Stalking efforts and help state and local governments improve databases dealing with stalkers and domestic violence
  • Expands the program to include Dating Violence and provide more enable federal jurisdiction and uniform definitions from state to state of stalking, domestic violence
  • $10 million for the National Domestic Violence Hotline
  • Expands Megan's Law to ensure notification to the college/ university community when a registered sex offender is enrolled or employed at that institution

Division C: Other Anti-crime provisions including No Second Chances, Aimee's Law

  • Requires the Attorney General to transfer law enforcement assistance funds from a state that convicted a person of a first offense of murder, rape or a dangerous sexual offense to a State that convicts that same person for a subsequent violent offense.
  • Directs the Attorney General to report to Congress on a number of repeat violent offenses; the number of crimes in which the victim has not obtained age 14 and the offender is 18 and older
  • Facilitates recovery by victims of terrorism against the assets of foreign entities that have been held responsible for such terrorism;
  • Provide for injunctive relief in Federal district court to enforce State laws relating to the interstate transportation of intoxicating liquor. 

Text of the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act (P.L. 106-386) [.pdf]